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Show Your Bettas

I hope this isn't against etiquette, but the only other posts i saw like this were very old.

I just wanted to start a thread for people to show off their bettas. I would love to see them all! Names and types if you have/know them and feel like it. Whether they are varients of betta splendens or one of the rare types out there doesn't matter.

I'll start. I have 3. All males.

Tyson, my blue and gold butterfly halfmoon.

Drago, my platinum black dragon.

My new rescue that i haven't settled on a name for yet. He is a very large red halfmoon King. Already doing so much better since i brought him home yesterday.





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I love betta faces. They can give you the stink-eye like no other.
Thanks! Absolutely.... They each have their own personas for sure. I love when they do their "tough guy" dance.

They are intelligent fish too. There is no doubt in my mind they know who runs the show and how to beg that person for food. Lol