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Sick Molly


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Hi everyone. I'm VERY new to the fish world. I have a 10 gal tank set up in my daughters room with three mollies. We've had it up and running for several weeks. Water tests have been great. I've been doing partial water changes weekly. Saturday one dalmation Molly died. Today the other one has been laying at the bottom of the tank. Will swim up and attempt to eat but doesn't seem to be eating much. Did a water change just in case. Then fed it a smashed pea. It now has this long string trailing behind it. Any idea what's wrong with my Molly?224318224319

the loach

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Please post the test results.
Your mollie is emaciated, and has intestinal problems as well.
What other fish are in the tank?

the loach

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You have soft neutral water. Mollies need hard alkaline water. Start with adding salt, 20 grams per gallon. Then hardness and pH have to be increased. It is hard to tell whether that will save this fish but with the right water parameters you will be able to keep them successfully in the future.