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Silvers Dollars and plants


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I would love to have a planted tank, however, I have 2 silver dollars who love to eat them. I make sure they have plenty of romaine lettuce, and algae wafers, but they still nibble on almost any plant I've tried. The only success I've had is with banana plants! I love them, the fish don't eat them, but I have a 90 gl. tank, which needs more than a few banana plants to achieve the look that I'm going for! I've tried all the plants that the Internet sites have suggegested to no avail. I'm hoping that one of you guys can solve my problem.........Kris
I believe that java ferns are supposed to stay mostly OK.

Anubias may work too.

But any which way, I wouldn't spend much at least until you're sure they won't become a snack.


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you for helping, however, I've tried both, and the silver dollars ate them! I tried them a second time with the same results! I'm curious to know why they ignore the banana plants, which none of the sites suggested! I tried them because they looked cool, and was surprised that the s.d.s left them alone, so I now have 12 banana plants, that need some help to create a reasonable looking aquascape! I'm having to fill in with artificial plants (ugg) to get by until I can find some other tall or fast growing plants that these s.d.s won't eat! I love my silver dollars, and I'm not sure I can let then go, so I can have a plant!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
An aquascape doesn't have to be all plants... you really could make it rock or wood heavy.

I don't have any first hand experience, only anecdotal, But if you can get hold of plants cheap or free, why not give different ones a try and see if there's anything else that would work well.


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Hornwort seems to be less palatable, give a try if you havent. SD's are one of hardest fish to cohabit with plants, not easy. Java Fern as mentioned is a good one too


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I had a small school of spotted silver dollars that, as expected, ate almost all my plants. The tank was heavy on driftwood though and a few clumps of plants survived in the thicket of wood because the SD's liked to swim in the open areas.


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My 90gl. Tank has a large piece of manzanita wood that measures 45"across, 22" high and 11" across, the way I'm using it now. Although it's large, the greenery from plants would be soooooooo pretty! I agree that the banana plant is a type of Lilly, and will be on the lookout for something else that's similar. I've never tried hornwort though, so thanks for that tip and I'll give that a try! I tried to post a photo of my tank but was unable to! Any tips? Kris


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IMO, Silver Dollars will eat any plants. I am very surprised that they do not eat the banana plants/


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my silver dollars ate most plants, the did not harm the anubias rhizome, stripped it of leafs, stems, but the rhizome continued to increase in size, and when put it back in another tank leafs started sprouting all over the rhizome, only other plant they did not seem to kill was java moss. i used my SD to eat all the plant clipping when i trimmed ones that would not propagate from snippets, even had some java fern they did not molest too bad, but the java fern was behind the mass of moss