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Snail doest like heat


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I bought what i thought were mystery snails. I had a tank w no heater. My snails were active n happy. I put a heater in and one died n the other looks close to it. I took the other snail out n put it in cold water n it was fine again. The pet store ssid to re introduce it to the heat w a plastic bag. Sid that ...,snail doesn't like it. Taking her no out n putting her in cold water where she's happy. Is this normal or do I not have a mystery snail.


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What else changed? Are you sure the heater is running properly? What else is in the tank and what temp was it before?


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The tank was room temp. Now it 70 f. I moved them bk to room temp. Tbey were good for a while n now hiding agsin. Idk I think shes depressed here froend died


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Unlikely this is a temperature only issue. This could have been a big change in water parameters, the snail could have been sick/diseased before you got it, etc.