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some catfish of mine


...and over the edge.
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Nice fish...


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Super cool! Good work!

Frank Castle

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some more - Lima Shovelnose, Colombian Sharks, albino Channel Cat, Emerald Corydoras, Bristlenose Pleco, Clown Pleco, Gibbiceps Sailfin Pleco, Indian Sun Cat, Striped Raphaels, Four-lined Pimelodus, Synodontis eupterus, Peppered Corydoras
STF_2506.JPG STO_2515.JPG STV_2522.JPG STW_2523.JPG STZ_2526.JPG STG_2475.JPG STN_2456.JPG STO_2457.JPG STN_2407.JPG STB_2317.JPG STC_2318.JPG STD_2319.JPG STF_2321.JPG STK_2378.JPG STL_2379.JPG STM_2354.JPG STS_2360.JPG STU_2362.JPG STW_2364.JPG STX_2365.JPG

Frank Castle

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this other larger albino Channel Cat grew from 3" to 12" in 10 months before i lost him and that beautiful female Red Devil next to him from an unfortunate filter malfunction
STA_1927.JPG STF_1932.JPG STI_1935.JPG STK_1911.JPG STU_1921.JPG STZ_1926.JPG STS_1879.JPG STU_1881.JPG STC_1829.JPG STE_1831.JPG STB_1802.JPG STC_1803.JPG STI_1809.JPG STK_1811.JPG STS_1819.JPG STX_1824.JPGSTE_1805.JPG STP_1816.JPG STQ_1817.JPGSTG_1744.JPG
Golden Chinese Algae-eater
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