Stunted Female Kribs?

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Cichlid Woman

Dwarf cichlids rule ...
Nov 27, 2002
central Illinois
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Hi, all,

A few years ago, when I bought a krib at the lfs the females were as large as the males. The last couple of times I've tried to buy kribs, though, the females appear to be juveniles (small), although they've got full mating coloring.

I've had two of these females in my tank over time, and neither one can seem to breed! They go through all the courtship with the male, and guarding the cave, etc., but no babies, over and over again. I've heard that breeding female kribs too early can stunt their growth. The one I've got now is only about two inches long, and she's very healthy, but she's not getting any bigger. She's not producing babies, either. I've had her for several months.

Has anyone else noticed this at your lfs? What gives?


-- Pat