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Fish Stix
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My biggest and oldest goldie has a tumor growing inside her mouth. I left it for a while because she could still eat and breathe normally.

Recently it has grown quite large. She can still eat, but in the last few days she has been hanging out at the top of the tank and breathing rapidly (constant rapid mouth action) You can just tell that she is not right. At this point I don't know what I should do. Euthanize or attempt a surgery?

With surgery, I could possibly remove quite a bit of the tumor. It starts at the corner of her mouth and is growing long like a finger into her's gross.

If I try surgery...
I have a bottle of 100% clove oil that I got at GNC, Iodine...How much clove oil to knock her out? She is a common/comet, about 8-10 inches in length. I have read Lupins tumor removal post, but there are no real specifics on dosing with clove oil. Hers was tooth ache drops and mine is 100% clove oil.

Help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If I do go ahead and try this surgery, I will try and convince my wife to take photos.

If this fails...
How much clove oil to humanely put her down? gug...