Switching canister filter from fresh to saltwater questions!#

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Oct 16, 2019
So i have a canister filter that I'm going to be using in theoutput of my sump refugium(30 gallon tankb10 gallon sump) to pump the water from the refugium to the tank. And it will just be extra filtration. The canister is actually still running on a freshwater tank has some filter floss and the test lava rock for bio. So my question being can i just rinse off the rock and change the filter floss or should i completely put new everything? Just curious i have been in the freshwater hobby for 10 + years but never even considered saltwater until recently. I have 9 freshwater tanks from 5-55. I'm crazy excited about starring this new journey into the salty world but Could use a little help along the way. Any info is much approximated thanks.
Apr 2, 2002
New York
The Ammonia oxidizing bacteria are different strains in fw v.s. sw. The Nitrite oxidizers are the same. So you will lose the ammonia bateria which will ultimately be replaced by the proper strains.

I am not a salty, so I cannot comment on the need for floss except to say, if you need it for sw, then put in fresh floss.