Synodontis Eupterus help!

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Dec 31, 2014
Around two years ago, I was sold a 1-inch synodontis eupterus under the name upside-down catfish. I had done my research on upside-down catfishes, and knew they should only grow to 4 inches. However, I re-researched my fish when it reached 6 inches to find that it was a synodontis eupterus. It is now 8 inches and living in a 25 gallon tank because I have been unable to find an adequate home for it. I feel horrendous. So I have decided to save up and buy a 40 gallon for it. However, I cannot have another filter in the house. I will have a hard enough time with the heater. So, I was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice in trying to give this catfish the tank it deserves, even if I cannot get a filter for it.
Thanks in advance!