Tangs in a 4' tank

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May 26, 2007
Fargo, ND
lol, what gives you that idea? The fact that I keep asking myself how much I reallllllly need a formal dining room? :)
All you have to do is rip out the wall between the formal dining room and living room and then place a full wall salt tank.. Something around the 2000 gallon range as the room divider. Put all of your sump and all that stuff in the basement and your ready to rock.. See simple solution. Then you 'll have room for butters to rock the tank.. And that Schoul (sp) of Anthias you want and pretty much anything else you can dream of.

I agree about the length of the tank.. But Grins has also stated that she knows she'll eventually have to upgrade or remove butters from her system. When I answered the original OP it is because that is what I firmly believe and is what I would do in my own system. Yes it might be ok when they are small but I think it is better for the long run just so you don't have to chance fate.