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Tank water condition


AC Members
Setup new tank with canister filter. Water in the tank has chemical smell but this mild compared to first three this is due to bio filter?please confirm

Note : Tank is empty and yet to add new fishes.


Eheim User
Does the water have a chlorine smell?

If the canister filter is brand new, did you rinse it out with tap water before using? This also applies to any filter media.

Have you added any products to the tank such as water conditioner, buffers, etc.?


AC Members
Thanks for your quick response sir. First thing I did not wash the filter media and did not any water conditioner. I added just sand for decoration purpose. Even I did not rinse the sand with water before adding it to tank.


Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
Your tank is no-where near ready to add fish. The tank must be "Cycled" first. Need to get a water test kit, and some pure ammonia to cycle it. This may take over a month.