That's it, I give up regarding PH

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Oct 16, 2008
Wonderful Windy Wyoming
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Tetras and Apistogrammas appear regularly, there are always interesting fish although I agree that most are large fish, I have this screenshot from a while ago:
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That's one sharp looking fish! Has a sharp price to go with it, lol. I don't think I could buy a fish at that price without a mate so I could try to keep the line going.

I buy most of my fish on-line simply because of the lack of shops in my general area. Only two mom and pop stores within 50 miles, and both specialize in SW so their FW stock is run of the mill. The rest of the stores within that range are big box stores. There is a really good livebearer shop around 80 miles away, Select Aquatics, and he's actually a breeder and on-line shop, but lets locals do pick ups. There's two really good shops 100 miles away in Denver. But in all cases it's hit and miss whether they'll have what I'm looking for. So in the end, by the time I spend gas and travel time and pay for lunch and such, it's just as cheap to pay shipping and make sure I get exactly what I want. I only order from late April to early October or so, though, due to weather.

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Dec 15, 2020
In a silver lining twist of fate, I'm actually glad I didn't end up getting any fish as of yet. With the US blizzard on its way to where I live (literally in a matter of hours), there's a more than decent chance that the power's going to be knocked out, which if it does and lasts for more than a couple days would be disastrous for a QT crowded with a school of fish.