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The AC hitchhiker ID thread (now thumbnailed)


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My aquarium has been set up for approx 1 month now. And I remember this from the last time I set up a system. In the evening there seems to be a ton of particulate matter floating through the tank. And then there are herds of small creatures on the glass. They look like daphnia and are very quick moving. There are also 2 other small creatures, but they are seen less frequently. One looks like a hydra, a small clear round dot with about 8 tentacles.
The others are worm like, and I think I see what might be described as bristles on their sides.
Any ideas? Are they all good for the system?


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How do I rid my tank of these guys?

Folks ~ post photos of their hitchhikers
There are 3 more (that I've seen). This one (R.I.P.) and his twin are the size of a 50¢ piece. My tank is only 26 gal so there is really no room for him. :1zhelp: Tell me your sure fire solutions to extermination that don't include tearing my tank apart, please.


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Can anyone tell me what this worm is? If it is even a worm. it seems to have gotten sucked onto my filter and is now multiplying. What should I do about this?


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After more than a year, my dead live rock that spent a week in newspaper beginning to show some life.

Noticed this a while back, but it's beginning to spread.

These began popping up as well.

So, what are these things?
The ones at the bottom are feather dusters and the ones at the top are probably caroline algae.


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Ps they should both be harmless. Also maybe the top pic is a sponge. Are you talking about the wight or pink stuff?


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I got a STARFISH with my live rock. It is so cute and i named it Patrick like from Spongebob LOL.


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Found these guys when I was rinsing out the sand on the used tank I just purchased. Don't plan on doing coral for a while, from what I can tell they look like fireworms. Good or bad? Do they get to go back in the tank or not?



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for future reference, those are bristleworms, and can go back into the tank. They are only a threat to dead fish and possible shrimp.