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Oct 20, 2005
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Here is what I hope to be a useful reference to a lot of frequently asked questions.

The intentions behind creating this FAQ are twofold: 1) to provide basic information to newcomers so that they can ask informed questions, and 2) to provide a reference source for common information to the regulars.

If you have a question that you think is common, or if you're new and need some background info about brackish aquariums in general, please spend a few minutes looking through this FAQ.

Helpful Links

-The Brack FAQ - This is a GREAT FAQ maintained by Neale Monks. Anyone serious about BW aquariums should check out his book, Brackish-Water Fishes: An Aquarist's Guide to Identification, Care & Husbandry
-List of Common Brackish Fish - This thread has a good compilation of common BW fish available to aquarium hobbyists.
-Setting up a Brackish Tank - This write-up will walk you through setting up your first brackish tank.
-Article Corner - AC has a great knowledge base in the Article Corner - check it out!
-Cycling Article - Easily one of the most referenced articles; it was written with a freshwater cycle in mind, but it applies to BW cycling as well.
-Product Reviews - If you haven't set your tank up yet, look here for personal experiences with different equipment.

Table of Contents

-BW Cycling
-Stocking and Compatibility
-Mudskipper threads
(more to be added)

Lastly, if there are any other noteworthy articles, threads or websites you think would be beneficial to others, feel free to suggest it as an addition!
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