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The case of the missing shrimp eggs

Hi. I recently got 3 neon yellow shrimp(Neocaridina, 2 females and one male). They are in a 10 gallon aquarium with 7 ember tetras, a mexican dwarf crayfish, a ghost shrimp, and a single male orange sakura shrimp ( he was the last survivor of the awful reaccuring incident of eco-complete poisoning). It has been 16 days. One female has gone missing, and I found her berried. Same thing happened with the other. No more than a week had passed before both shrimp were berried (although one of the females had fewer eggs, all of which were a lot larger than the other shrimp's). When I went to sleep last night, both females were pregnant . When I woke up, the one with the larger eggs was no longer berried. With the amount of research I've done, I can be assured the eggs didn't hatch. Did she just drop them?


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She may have, or she may have been stripped by something else in the tank. Eggs of all types are considered tasty treats, and a shrimp is no match for a hungry cray.