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The Filter Guyz


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put recommendations but...

I just have to post that I just purchased some more stuff from the filter guyz and have to say they are outstanding. Their customer service and willingness to help people is top notch.

I can say with certainty that they will continue to get my business. Its great to work with a company that does believe their customers are the reason they are there and take care of them.

Kudo's to the Filter Guyz.


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I definitely agree with you, clown-lover. The Filter Guyz are great! I order all my RO/DI replacements from them. I've always felt like they've been helpful and honest whenever I've had questions.


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The nice part for me is that they are in the twin cities and I get anything I order in one day. :D

But Jim and the rest are just top notch. I'll never go anywhere else if unless they decide to quit the business. (god I hope not).

Its so seldom anymore that I run across companies that actually believe in customer service anymore and have to sing praises anytime that I actually run across one that does.


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They also have a forum on RC where they will answer questions etc. They are a really great bunch of guys.


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I have been a customer of The Filter Guyz for years and I just tried to place another order but their site isn't working. Does anyone know if they're still in business? If not where do you buy your filters for your RO unit?