those little white worms - source of infection??

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Aug 17, 2002
You know those little white worms that 'appear' in tanks and hang on the glass just above the water's surface?? In a normal tank, you wash them down and the fish eat them. In a big cat tank, they continue to thrive because anything you put in there to eat them would be food for the cats.

I wonder if there's any way these worms could infect the fish? I have an RTC with a problem - looks like swim bladder. She's 'standing', head up, in the corner - three days now. I'm trying salt, warming the tank, trying to avoid quarantine for the reason someone else just asked in FW. She's much closer to her 780 g home, so she needs to hang on for me; I know she's cramped but she can lay and cruise, she just doesn't.
Any ideas?
tia judy
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