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UV sterilizers


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Its always good to learn something new, I highlighted the relevant part. A large number of aquatic diseases spend some part of their life cycle in the water. Ich being the most common. Sterilizing the water wont kill current infections but will slow if not stop the spread. A couple of cysts wont kill a fish.

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\ I've even seen some hang-on-back style with small UV lamps in them. The wattage of the lamp and flow rate through the system have to be dialed in to eradicate parasites within a pass or two.
Ive seen those aquastop HOB filer w/UV sterilizers online. What they have going to them is you can adjust the flow like any HOB. Ive ever seen one in person, its safe to assume its big, ugly, and loud even for all that Id consider it if the biggest bulb wasnt only 7 watts.

the loach

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Even with ich, throphozoites can be on the gravel or plants.
Ich is a typical weakness disease, caused by stress due to poor water management, wrong biotope, overcrowding and such. Quarantine, observe the points I gave before and your fish will not get ich.
The past 3 decades having multiple tanks I've only had it 1 time, when a heater broke down.

Technical gadgets won't make up for overcrowding, poor water quality and wrong parameters.
While there are some infectious diseases, in general microscopic parasites are a symptom and not the cause themselves.


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UV can, with slow enough flow to work, kill only a small amount of bacteria, free swimming ich, green algae or parasite eggs. It's not an effective treatment!! It CAN help...but might also "kill" any drugs you may use (except salt). Do NOT think of UV as a "cure-all", it's not!


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Never asked if it was a cure all. wanted to know whats a quality one.

If anyone else is looking for one and is getting trolled :p
TMC makes quality UV sterilizers cable of level 3 sterilization and is under $200.

There are others but cost more. Aqua UV MIGHT be as good for a little less $$

Green Killing Machine and Sunsun "as-sold" is not capable of level 1 sterilization only uv "clarification". Not much good fr anything besides killing algae unless you slow down the flow a lot