What is this bug in my snail aquarium?

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Jun 28, 2006
SF Bay area, CA
Well, it's nice you know what it is & that it's not harmful.

Yes, it sounds like more vacuuming but also less feeding. Your fish will be fine with every other day light feeding or even less. What fish may eat them? Is it a species you'd like to keep aside from the stone seed shrimp control? I'm not a fan of new fish to control other problems.

Think hard & don't over react to a minor problem


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Jul 31, 2022
I’m not looking to get any more fish. My tank probably could handle more but I like it lightly stocked with my neons. I read online that guppies like to eat them. But guppies like harder water and my neons are at odds with them. Same problem with these darn snails. I’ve been feeding so little for so long that the snails have been eating the mopani like no tomorrow. Luckily I read somewhere that when the seed shrimp find a new home they quickly build a large community and then die back and balance out in a few months. My kids are having a blast looking at them under the microscope scooting around.
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