What is wrong with my Amazon Sword plants ?!?!?!?

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Jun 2, 2020
About two months ago, I bought a 6.5 gallon tank for my betta and decided that I would try my first (simple) planted tank. After planting, I let the tank filter for about a month to make sure the water conditions were good for my fish and that none of my plants were diseased (I had to buy them online 😓). All of my problems started when about two weeks after I introduced my fish to the new tank, I started noticing these small red algae like vines growing on the bottom of my Amazon Sword leaves. They looked disgusting and started growing like crazy. My first thought was that it might be red hair algae, but the plant itself was too thick and only grew in single strands. I searched far and wide to find out what was growing in my tank and if it could be harmful to my fish. I wasn't able to find anything about the strange plant. The next time I cleaned the tank, I removed the Amazon swords and scrubbed the leaves to try and remove the little red vines. They came right off and I was relieved. About another two weeks have passed since then and the little vines are back. I'm not sure if these are normal or if I should remove them as soon as possible. Thank you for all of your help :)View attachment 226764View attachment 226765View attachment 226766

the loach

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Aug 6, 2018
No need to worry. You have a Java fern, no amazon sword (but that's a good thing, they grow much too big for a 6,5 gal) and those are the roots of adventitious plants that are developing. So it's growing small plantlets for you.
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