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What kind of plant?


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This plant was listed as Sandy. I'm trying to find out what it actually is to find out how to take care of it. Any idea?



I'm not the best with plants, but that looks like a houseplant to me, not an aquarium plant.

Where did you get it, and what was the full listing for the name?


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Is this after you got it and planted it or is this the pic you based your purchase on?


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Looks like a house plant. Ive seen it at my local petsmart, can remember what it was labelled as.


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I got it at the store I buy my fish at. It was in an aquarium with other plants. Was listed as a sandy. It's a local fish store, not a chain like petsmart. That's a picture from my aqauirum. It has a bamboo type stalk to it.

the loach

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Fisho'rama is exactly right, it is a Dracaena. It will die very soon as it can not have it leaves under water. However, the bamboo like stalk, can. For aquariums they usually sell it with long stalks as "lucky bamboo"

Plants grown this way can be easily and successfully kept in an aquarium, as long as the top part of the stalk with the leaves is above the surface. It's about the canes, which give the impression of having bamboo in the aquarium.
Really nice if you have an open top tank or enough room under the hood.


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^ I have one of those , keep meaning to plant it in my 10g.

I also have pothos growing out of the 10g.