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What Media for Freshwater Sump

Nekko Cooper

Registered Member
I'm going to build a sump for filtration. Could anyone please advise me on what the best media to put in it would be. This will determine how many sections I make.
For instance, I am considering
-deep sand bed
-foam filters
-bio balls in a wet/dry trickle setup
-charcoal sock

Anything else?

Thank you very much.


Sump? Lots of options and variables. You can have the water enter through filter sock(s) to handle the mechanical, and then have it flow over lava rock which is highly porous like most ceramic media, but pretty inexpensive in comparison, and then return. That'll take care of the mechanical and biological filtration.

What's your setup like, and how big of a sump are you looking at, and what are you planning on stocking or have stocked?

Depending on what you have going on, a Hamburg Matten style filter may be the low effort/high effectiveness solution for your needs.