why my arwona is not eating food

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Nihal M

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Aug 31, 2019
hi iam Nihal 1 month ago i bought a silver arwona she is not eating food she used to eat before iam giving her small size goldfish and form 2 days she is on hunger strike plz replay me with suitable reson because iam scared of her situation she is also always at upper position of tank when we touch also she refuses to swim she is in full slow motion what is the reason behind it
Apr 2, 2002
New York
I do not nor have I ever kept an aro. That said I took a look around for info. The first thing I discovered is you would need to post more details abou the situation to get more help. I fouhnbd a couple of articles that should help you.

Featured Article

Issue: February 2013
The South American Silver Arowana (Full Article)
Author: Tobias Lim Koon Li

LIM T 0213
Photographer: Andrzej Zabawski
Although not as striking as its Asian cousins, the South American silver arowana is full of personality and looks stunning when allowed to develop to its full potential.

Read the full artical from Tropical Fish Magazine here http://www.tfhmagazine.com/details/articles/the-south-american-silver-arowana-full-article.htm

Here is another good article which among, other things, states:
The drawback in keeping these fish is their size. Even aquarium specimens attain around 90cm/36”, and wild fish can be larger still.

Some sources cite a 240 x 90 x 90cm/95 x 35 x 35” tank as sufficient for a single adult, but not everyone would agree. Based on the ‘six times’ rule a 6m/20’ tank is required, which eliminates nearly every private aquarist, aside those with tropical ponds.
The above is from Practical Fishkeeping magazine from their article,

Predators: South American arowana
I could not determine the date.