Will Antibiotics like Erythromycin Effect Freshly Molted Crayfish??

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Sep 23, 2020
Hello everyone, I adquire a 20-gallon tank and after waiting for it to establish, I got a crayfish along with danios and other fast moving fish. The problem is that after about 3 days of getting the fish they become sick with slime coat disease and other bacterial infections they brought from the petstore. I added erythromicin (an all spectrum antibiotic) to the tank inhopes of fighting the outbreak. I added the first dose as suggested by the box, waited 24 hours and today my crayfish decided it was the best day to molt. I need to add the second dose later tonight, especially since it is an antibiotic and it can't be postponed or stoped before completion. Will this hurt a freshly molted electric blue crayfish? are they sensitive to drugs while in this state?. He seems alright as of right now, a little floppy since it has not been even an hour since the molt. He is the main attraction in the tank and my roomates and I have grown to like the little fellow so it would be a trajety if he did get harmed. thank you for the responses.