Yellow tang coloration and behaviour

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Oct 14, 2008
Hey all..firstly i am new so welcome me lol.
Only messing. I wouldnt say i have vast amounts of knowledge on marines but i do have a bit lol.

Anyways this isnt a urgent query by any means. I have a 50G tank with about 45 KG;s of LR, a prizm skimmer (i know its not the best), 2 koralia 1's and two MJ1200's.

I dont use a external filter because i only have two fish a YT (4 inchs) and a shot silk (zebra) goby. Also i do watre changes weekly.

My chem is:
Nitrie: 0
Nitrate: 0-under 10 (sometimes rises if i am a little late with water change)
PH: 8.2-8.3 (i buffer if it drops)
Salinity 1.024 (sometimes rises to 1.025).
Lights: Marine white, Actinic T8 tubes (might help with colour dpeth problem to follow).

I feed him New era pellets, New era flakes, and Sea weed paper.

Anyways my YT can be a little strange. Firstly he is slightly pale. so doesnt have the strong yellow colour. He has always been like this since i got him.
Every evening he comes out and starts appearing to flicking him self around. I sometimes get the feeling thats around feeding time in the evening.

Anyone know a possible cause or is this normal?
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Apr 11, 2007
dundee scotland
my yellow tang sometimes acts a bit strange at times...he does a bit of displaying at his own reflection then does a few high speed lengths of the tank.
On his colour how pale is he going and does it only happen when hes acting weird?
maybe a picture would help if you could post one.


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Apr 14, 2008
my shoulder tang ( which is yellow) goes very pale when stressed and if in the dark,
the flicking could be sign of a parasite so keep a close eye!
is the tangs eyes bright or bit cloudy?


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Mar 3, 2004
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some tangs display or flick just to show they are the boss. i wouldnt worry too much unless hes flashing against the rock or sand, they do that sometimes with parasites. i have seen alot of tangs and if they havent had the right diet, their color might always be off.


Apr 4, 2007
St. Cloud
A yellow tang from what i have read and observed with my Hawaiian yellow tang is that they are excellent ways of knowing your PH balance in the "day" and "night" hours if your PH drops below a certain level at night when the lights come on they appear white and as the daylight changes your PH back to the norm they turn yellow are on the lowest tolerable PH for your tang in daylight and it drops below its normal range of PH at night thus turning suggestion is for you to find out your PH "day" and "night" and adjust it accordingly

It happened to me i adjusted PH like it should be day and night and he hasn't turned since, i read alot on the fish i am looking for and i have the knowledge of the fish then i buy it .....LEARN everything there is to know about the fish and its habitat before buying anything, know what it likes and don't like ..........hope this helps