Zoo Med Flora Sun

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Max Taffey

AC Members
Oct 18, 2006
I was at the LFS yesterday, and figured I'd try a new bulb for my tank. I got caught up in the description for the Zoo Med Flora Sun (emission spectrum matches absorption curve of chlorophyll-a...blah, blah). I had been using a T6 Aqua Flora Sun (my plant growth has been great) but I can't help but notice a huge difference in the lighting after switching to the Flora Sun - there's a distinct red hue now, and it doesn't seem nearly as bright as what I had in there. Now I'm afraid I shouldn't have switched.

Anyone use the Zoo Med lights? And can a light appear dimmer, but still be providing plants with what they need for good growth?


Plant Obsessed
Mar 23, 2007
eastside LBC
Bulbs in the red spectrum dont appear as bright as the higher K bullbs.

I run two 6700K and 2 plant bulbs and the 6700K are 10 times brighter and put off a blue light where as the plant bulbs arent as bright and have a red hue to them but the plants seem to like both.

I run my burst with the 6700K bulbs and it gives it a bright "sunshine" look to it and when I cut them out it gives the tank a nice reddish evening hue.