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    Hey, just wanted to revive this post due to my Drylok experience. I converted an old desk to a 112 gallon aquarium. I am using the drawer towers for the biofilter area, and built the tank right to the desk. Overall it weights about 175lbs empty, not to bad for two person carry. I built the box out of 1/2in ply with 1/2 in ply ribs and lined the inside with 1/4in hardiboard. Filleted all the corners with wood, then hardiboard using acrylic latex caulking to adhere everything together. Made sure all my seams were smooth with several layers of caulking, making sure each one was dry first. Then I applied 6 coats of drylok, 2 coats normal color, two coats slightly tinted, then two coats of more tinted. My inside dimensions are 47 1/2in x 22in x 23in. I only have the water filled to 16, which gives me about 75 gallons in the tank with another 25 in the sump/filter system. It is a community FW with turtle. It was been holding water for several weeks now, I have pulled / pushed, tipped over, spun around, and no leaks, craks, or stress spot what-so-ever. Hardiboard is the savinf grace of Drylok in this type of application. Dont give up, just adjust!

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    29yo Corey
    240galfish, 75gal fish, 125 snapper

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    Yes- Pics, Pics, Pics.
    and Congrats!

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