betta fish infection

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  1. P

    Discoloration on Lethargic Betta

    Does anyone know what this orangey discoloration on my betta is? He’s usually black and blue, this isn’t normal for him. First noticed a spot this morning and it has spread considerably. New to the hobby and just want my dude to be okay, ready and willing to learn. 6 days ago, filter got...
  2. S

    SOS Betta Popeye

    Hello... I joined this forum because I purchased my first betta fish, Razzle, from Petco about 2 weeks ago. I'm in the process of ordering a 5 gallon tank for him (I currently only have one 2.5 gallon, which I did not realize was too small at the time I bought it). Starting last week he has...
  3. Sprinkle

    Betta with lose of activity level and molly fry with not ICH

    Hi all! I've noticed that my betta has lost some of his activity level. He lays on bottom without slightest movement. My temp is fine I suppose, but I will make it a bit higher and remove some of the water as it seems that the current heater I have is unstable, doesn't heat from time to time...
  4. P

    Fin bubble on betta fish fin?

    I'm really concerned for my betta fish, Union Jack (he's red, white and blue), as there seems to be a weird white bubble on his fin. I tried to take as many pictures to show what it looks like. This is a new thing and he didn't have this like, 2 weeks ago. Can someone please help me?
  5. M

    My son's sick betta, Branch

    Man, this betta is really confusing me. I cannot seem to figure out what is wrong with him. Right before Thanksgiving, I noticed his belly was a little swollen and he had a white patch on his dorsal fin. I did a lot of research and figured that it was some sort of fin rot. I did some aquarium...
  6. R

    Male betta fish with silver/ cloudy white looking jaw

    I adopted a red male betta fish from a cheap side road shop this year and he has gone through some tough times due too my lack of experience. He has jumped out of a bowl while I changed his tank and suffered a damaged fin. It has healed and he seems fine but about six months later, after leaving...