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    why isn't my duckweeed growing?

    ok, this might sound ridicules, but my duckweed refuses to grow! i wanted to start growing some for my goldfish, with no luck so far. i have some duckweed in an old concrete mixing tub, thats about 20/ 30 gallons? im not sure. at first i thought that the plants didnt have enough nutrients, so i...
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    Please help me with my red claw crab!

    Please help me with my Red Claw Crab Thread starterbeccasarah20 Start date29 minutes ago Tagshelp needed new fish new fish owner red claw crab REPLY Freshwater Invertebrates Unwatch ••• B beccasarah20 Registered Member 29 minutes ago #1 Hi, first time poster, its a long story (happy to...