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    Snail question

    So I just got a black mystery snail today from pet smart to be a tank mate to my betta fish. I’ve never had a snail before. I think it’s a male but I’ve named it Gary whatever it actually is. But I’m curious about these flat-ish white dots on its shell. Any help on identifying them and on what...
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    My pleco is turning white! In need of help.

    My pleco fish fins started getting white and then the top of his body and under his body. Im not sure if hes sick or what i should do . IS my fish dying?
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    Dull White Spots and Growth on Glofish

    Hello and help!! I have a 55 gallon long tank set up with 6 Glofish and 1 white skirt tetra, 6 neon tetras, 8 bloodfin tetras, 4 albino cories, 2 B.n. plecos (at about 3 and 4 inches) and 1 rainbow shark. The tank has been up for 2 months now. All of my fish are active and eating well/acting...
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    Does my ADF have a fungus problem?

    Hi I am a bit worried about my little fellow. He has loads of these tiny white spots on his belly. He has been acting fine and normal although recently I have had to swap him into another tank because he was getting into the internal filter, so he is probably suffering a little relocation...
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    My fishes keep dying! Help!!|Freshwater

    Hello guys, So here's the deal: I have a 35 gallon tank and a 5 gallon tank. Each time I buy a new fish for my 35 gallon tank, at least one of them die. Most of the time my water levels were fine so I thought maybe there was a problem with the fish itself.... I won't talk much about the 5...
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    Aquarium Heater Issue

    So yesterday I bought the aquatop 100 w heater for my 20 gallon long aquarium. I followed the instruction manual and also placed the heater near air stone so it has circulation. So what is happening is the heater, at least from what I understand so far, is that I'll turn the heater on let's say...
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    Male betta fish with silver/ cloudy white looking jaw

    I adopted a red male betta fish from a cheap side road shop this year and he has gone through some tough times due too my lack of experience. He has jumped out of a bowl while I changed his tank and suffered a damaged fin. It has healed and he seems fine but about six months later, after leaving...
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    What can I add to my 200l?

    Hey everyone! I am quite new to aquarium keeping and have a lot of questions :) Currently i have: 2 Common Ancistrius 2 Senegal Bichir 2 Dojo Loaches 1 Fire Eel Of course i love all these fish, so much personality, but its one thing they all have in common; they're all bottom-dwelling fish...