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  1. rockarolla70

    Help/Suggestions needed - Setting up a new Betta splendens tank

    Hi All, Need help from the experts here. I am trying to bring up 8 gallon tank for my existing single Betta splenden, the specs are as given below. I would like some suggestions on heaters, thermometer & lighting which are good enough for this below setup. Tank Size: 18 inch (Length) x 9 inch...
  2. T

    Will a Coralife T5 HO Aqualight work w/ only one bulb?

    The acintic bulb it came with is causing way too much algae growth. Will the other full spectrum bulb still work without the acintic in the fixture?
  3. J

    Planted 40 hex ideas

    So I got a great deal on a 40 gallon hex. It is 3 feet wide and 21 inch tall and I would love to have it be a planted tank. I have only done one planted tank before and it is my 10 gallon medium/low light tank. I wanted to do a carpet of micro sword so it looked like grass and some other taller...
  4. R

    Need some pointers :)

    Hi! Newbie (somewhat) here... I had a fish tank for years when I was younger. Despite the fact that I had no clue what I was doing, I was pretty successful in my ignorance. Never had an issue until the end of a 10 year run when my breaker panel went and the drop in temp in my condo (it was...
  5. apastuszak

    Rusty Ballast

    I took my twin tube 48" strip light apart to install a new switch and replace of the end caps. The repair went well and everything is working fine. The strip light is not new to me. I got it from a friend, so all I knew was that it had mineral deposits on it that I managed to remove with some...
  6. L

    Back in the trenches......

    welp, New Member here......I heard of this forum from a couple evil members on a totally unrelated board....a firewood burning board, if you can believe it! They will recognize my monicker from that forum......anyhow, I digress.... I am old...54 this year, and have kept aquaria in various forms...
  7. apastuszak

    DIY LED Lights

    I've spent the last half hour watching YouTube videos of people building DIY light strips using PVC rain gutter and LED strip lighting. I'd like to try to DIY something myself to replace the aging twin tube 48" strip light I have on my 55 gallon tank. I would like it to grow plants. I have...
  8. V

    2 foot lighting issue

    I lave a lovely 15 gallon 2foot tall tank, think of it like a tower, and I'm wanting to turn it into a planted shrimp tank. I'm looking mostly at LED lighting systems but I'm not sure if I'll get enough penetration to grow plants at the bottom. Seems shrimp like moss and other things but I've...