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  1. S

    New (shipped) betta flashing? Med recs?

    Hello all. This little fellow just arrived early this afternoon after 5 days in the mail. He is in a 6 gallon tank, with normal parameters (it hasn't quite been two weeks of running it yet so not fully cycled yet, but no ammonia or nitrite). Water was prepped with Prime, Stability and a bit of...
  2. S

    Poop or Parasite?

    I’m on the tail end of treating my QT for Ich, and I’m noticing a lot of white, stringy poop on the bottom. I’m wondering if this is a parasite or sign of something else like fungus, bacterial infection, etc. If it is, when should I start treating for it? I want to make sure the ich is...
  3. PurpleGem

    How long do I keep my betta in the hospital container after treatment?

    I treated my betta with Blue Planet's tri sulfa and although during treatment it seemed to get worse, after the treatment finished the symptoms have nearly disappeared. How much longer should I keep him separated? He shares the main tank with some endlers, the lady who was instructing me on...
  4. PurpleGem

    Can you mix these?

    I need to know if it's safe to use these together during treatment: Blue Planet Tri Sulfa and Blue Planet Paracide.
  5. D


    Hey, guys please I need help I don't want to lose him! His name is Peanut, he is a FlowerHorn fry about 1 to 1.5 inches long! I bought him about a month and a half ago. Since I got him he's always had trouble eating then for a good week he started eating every day. the last two weeks I haven't...
  6. S

    Help! Betta has trouble breathing- Is Tetra Vital the cause?

    Hi, My Betta is currently dying, and I'm trying my best to combat dropsy (he has a swollen belly) by treating him to a round of antibiotic Baytril and epsom after other medication didn't work. His condition seems to have started after I added Tetra Vital and JBL Multivitamin Atvitol to the tank...
  7. A

    Sick young flowerhorn?

    I just bought a young (3 1/2 inch) flowerhorn 5 days ago. She is currently in a 70 gallon tank that was cycled with 6 giant danios for 5 weeks. The danios were removed just prior to me putting her in the tank. She was terrified and not eating from the moment I brought her home. After some...