mystery snail

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  1. E

    mystery snail emergency!

    on Saturday i decided to go to my local pet shop and pick up 4 young mystery snails. the employee accidentally dropped all of the snails on the floor. i didnt notice the cracks so i just went with it, but today i took a closer look and saw the cracks. most of the cracks are just hairline...
  2. T

    Mystery Snail hardly moving for weeks and a possible swollen foot

    Hi everyone, for almost three weeks I’ve been finding my mystery snail upside down every morning and partially hanging out of his shell. When I pull him out, he tries to (quite slowly) squeeze himself back into his shell but it appears he can’t fully. He won’t eat at all. And it appears that...
  3. A

    My Mystery Snail Hasn’t Moved Since I First Got Him Today!

    Alright, so I have a Mystery Snail that I got from Petsmart just today. He’s been there at the bottom of the tank, and hasn’t moved. He’s alive, not upside down, and the tank doesn’t smell foul, but I’m still pretty worried. I even grabbed him real quick to check if he was alive, and yes he is...
  4. A

    Snail question

    So I just got a black mystery snail today from pet smart to be a tank mate to my betta fish. I’ve never had a snail before. I think it’s a male but I’ve named it Gary whatever it actually is. But I’m curious about these flat-ish white dots on its shell. Any help on identifying them and on what...
  5. M

    Heal Cracked Mystery Snail Shell

    My mystery snail has recently developped a crack in its shell. The crack is the shape of a narrow V, at the widest part of the shell. It is in a 45 gallon tank with guppies, balloon mollies, lampeye tetras, and 4 other mystery snails (two black and two white, the one with the cracked shell is...
  6. M

    Swollen Mystery Snail

    Hi! I have an aquarium that's about 3 months old. It is 10gal and has 2 otocinclus, 2 glowlight tetra, 3 neon tetra and a mystery snail. It had more fish, but the tank crashed about a month ago and I lost a lot of them, these are the survivors. Since the crash, my levels have been pretty steady...
  7. R

    So invite sure this topic has been asked often, but help sexing mystery snail!

    Oh lord. My phone autocorrected "I'm" to "invite". I have been keeping fish for several years now, but I just recently got sucked into the world of mystery snails! They are just so cute and so many colors! So anyhow I would like to try and breed them. I looked at all the diagrams and blogs on...
  8. Arkmite

    Is my mystery snail dying?

    So recently my fish got some kind of fungus. I went to PetSmart and got Marineland All-In-One Remedy. I put 2 tablets in like the box said to do and things were OK until my mystery snail fell off the side of the tank and landed directly on one of the tablets. He then closed his shell right on...
  9. The Dave

    Keeping and breeding the Mystery Snail ( apple snail )

    This high definition video will teach you everything you need to know about keeping, feeding, and breeding mystery snails. It is professionally filmed and narrated, and covers all aspects of this wonderful creature. Give this video a look and you will gain a whole new appreciation for the "...