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Heal Cracked Mystery Snail Shell


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My mystery snail has recently developped a crack in its shell. The crack is the shape of a narrow V, at the widest part of the shell.

It is in a 45 gallon tank with guppies, balloon mollies, lampeye tetras, and 4 other mystery snails (two black and two white, the one with the cracked shell is purple) as well as a bristlenose pleco and a hillstream loach. I haven't seen any of the tank's inhabitants bother it.

None of the other snails have any cracks in their shells. The injured snail spent a lot of time at the top of the tank, but has recently started climbing aroung again. I recently added a piece of cuttlebone to the water, and have been providing some cucumber for extra calcium.

Is there anything I can do to help the shell repair faster, or to keep it safe? I'd like to avoid gluing a second shell over the crack if possible since it can be dangerous and stressful for the snail.
I don't want the crack to get any worse. Please help!

An image of it is attached.



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You can put super glue in to hold it together. It won't hurt the snail. Pat the area dry, put a drop on, let it dry a minute, pop him back in.