please help

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  1. Ijustlikefish

    Hang on the back filter in freshwater rimless aquarium?

    The tank is a ADA 60p
  2. Ijustlikefish

    Otocinclus and moss

    Does otocinclus eat algae off of Phoenix moss?
  3. Ijustlikefish

    Zebra plecos in 76 degrees

    I want to pick up a zebra pleco at my LFS, but the tank I want to keep it in is at 76 degrees, can they do good in that temperature?
  4. Ijustlikefish

    Corydoras and carpets

    Will bronze Corydoras tear out my coral moss carpet?
  5. Ijustlikefish

    Siamese algae eater in 20 gallon

    Can I keep one Siamese algae eater in a 20 tank?
  6. Ijustlikefish

    Green neon tetra flow

    Can green neon tetras do well in a high flow aquarium
  7. Ijustlikefish

    Do kuhli loaches jump?

  8. Ijustlikefish

    Lone Hillstream loach

    Can I keep only one hillstream loach?
  9. Ijustlikefish

    Red crystal shrimp ph

    I love RCS they have always been my favorite invert, I would like to know if I can successfully keep them in a ph of 7.8 to 8.0?
  10. Ijustlikefish

    Zebra plecos jumping

    I’m planning to keep zebra plecos and I would like to have a tank with no lid. I can not find any information about zebra plecos jumping out their tank, and I’ve mixed stuff about other plecos. What do you think?
  11. Ijustlikefish

    Can I keep shrimp population down in a fluval edge 12 gallon?

    So I would like to pick up a fluval edge and keep shrimp in it, but I do not want these shrimp breed and overflow the tank. Can I just go in from. The hole in the top and net them? Or will I not be able to do that? keep in mind that I don't want fish with these shrimps.
  12. E

    what size tank would be best ??

    i’ve never really had fish before other than a couple bettas so i’m very new to this lmao i want to get one gourami , ten - twelve tetras and a clown pleco ,, but i’m not sure what size tank would be best to keep them happy like is a twenty gallon too small ? please help lmao thank you
  13. PurpleGem

    Can you mix these?

    I need to know if it's safe to use these together during treatment: Blue Planet Tri Sulfa and Blue Planet Paracide.
  14. O

    Black Moor Goldfish Help

    Hello! I am new to taking care of fish, and I bought a Black Moor at PetCo. He is in a 1.77 gallon tank, and he is about 2 inches wide. He was swimming perfectly fine at the PetCo tank, with 4 more goldfish in his tank. The tank at PetCo is about the size of mine. The problem is, my Black Moor...