Do kuhli loaches jump?

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Jan 28, 2019
They don't jump per sey - at least mine have not - i have about 45 in 3 tanks. However they can get just about anywhere imaginable - i had one that loved the canister filter and kept squeezing between the grill and ending up at the bottom... They are also extremely fast when they want to zoom. They can jump but none of mine have.... if you have a HOB they are quite capable of getting in there - then again my female swordtail manage to jump into my hob several times...
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Jun 28, 2006
SF Bay area, CA
Any fish can jump...that said, I kept ~15 pangios (aka "kuhlis") in an open top tank 40g rimless long. The tiny 1inch loaches, Lepidocephalichthys furcatus — Loaches Online in the same tank did jump out :confused: It's not really the size of the fish but other stressors...My apple snails also did an up & over escape jump...luckily they sounded like a ping pong ball hitting the wood floors & I could rescue them in time.
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