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  1. S

    Snail breeding

    Around 9 months ago I purchased a few blue Leopard rams horn snails. At first they breeding well but due to adverse tank conditions they stoped growing to full size for a wile. I now have them back on track and hope to selectively breed Them to high quality. I would like to hear about any other...
  2. R

    Looking to buy snails for puffer fish

    Hey all! Recently Petsmart stopped giving out nuisance snails and i desperately need them to feed my puffer. I've bought a few on Etsy today but they are outrageously expensive for what they are. Like I said, though, I'm desperate. Does anyone have any snails they are willing to part with?
  3. M

    What snails are these??

    So I have a planted 15 gallon tank with many old freshwater fish and a few mystery snails. But I currently have maybe 10-15 of the most tiny sand colored snails hanging around. Some hitch hiking then dropping off the mystery snails but not bothering anything. Does anyone know what kind they...
  4. L

    snail tips (land snail)

    hey I know it is a water site but I'm a noob and I want to help me and others for snail care. btw if a snail pro wants to stick with me and guide me not only would you be super helpful but will talk to you personaly an share pics of raven. raven is my snails name.
  5. BlazeitChris

    Possible Copper Poisoning?

    Hey everyone, So I've recently gone back to live plants but cannot afford a co2 system at the moment so I've been using Seachem Excel as a supplement. Now ever since I started using this fertilizer some strange things have been happening and the only factor I can connect this behavior to could...
  6. lulu

    New Filter Reeking Havoc with Snails

    I have a 20 gallon tank with a community of snails that I've had for more than a decade now. I've had a small aquaclear filter for a long time, probably a 30, and it was totally shot, so I got a new one. I got an aquaclear 50. The snails seem to love the suction on this new filter and they glom...
  7. BlazeitChris

    Snail/Shrimp Colony

    I am currently running a 16 gallon tank with a Fluval C3. I've always wanted an invert tank but have never actually gotten around to setting one up. I was thinking about breeding snails (pond snails, mystery, ramshorn, etc.) as well as cherry shrimp to raise as live food for my fish in the 55...
  8. The Dave

    The Ramshorn snail, nursery maid, fry tank attendant, or nightmare ?

    The ramshorn snail is often seen as an aquarium pest that people want to avoid. However, they only pose a problem in an aquarium that is unbalanced. When the aquarist adds too much food to the tank, the ramshorn snails take advantage of the abundance and breed at an alarming rate. Population...
  9. The Dave

    Keeping and breeding the Mystery Snail ( apple snail )

    This high definition video will teach you everything you need to know about keeping, feeding, and breeding mystery snails. It is professionally filmed and narrated, and covers all aspects of this wonderful creature. Give this video a look and you will gain a whole new appreciation for the "...
  10. I

    Question about my aquatic snail

    Okay I didn't know they crawl out of tanks, I came home and found him on the table hidden in his shell could've been overnight and some part of the day, and his bottom suction part was dark brown and hard, I didn't give up on him and put him in water and noticed he moved around, now it looks as...
  11. J

    Stocking advice For a 5g

    I have a 5 Gallon with the following 1 butterfly male betta 2 zebra nerite snail 4 ghost shrimp Could i toss in 2-4 more shrimp and another nerite? If it matters its planted and i have an aquaclear 20
  12. J

    Snail Mates

    Ok, everyone has all different says about different snails. I wanted to know, what snails are able to be together & cohabitant in 10 ga & 15 ga tanks. I understand the MTS breed like crazy so dont want them. what does everyone recommend - I have 6 apple snails each in its 2 gallon - can I...