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125 stocking help


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I need some help and recommendations for stocking a 125.

Current residents:
2 Clarki Clowns
2 small Domino damsels(put in to cycle tank and now I can’t catch them)
2 emerald crabs
2 large hermits
20+ small hermits
20+ mixed snails

I am worried the damsels will beat up anything I put in, even being small. I would like to keep this as a predator tank as well other than the Clarki clowns who are a little bigger.

Thanks in advance.


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Damsels once established are very likely to do this, hence why many don't recommend them. The Clarki Clowns may also be super territorial aggressive as well (technically clowns are Damselfish as well). If removing them isn't an option, stick with semi-aggressive fish. A Tang won't be pushed around, neither would a Dwarf Angel and a foxface rabbitfish has venomous spines so the Damselfish would likely end up dead if they attempted to attack it.

*EDIT* have you attempted a fish trap with the damsels? It is pretty easy to make one out of a plastic water bottle.