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27.7g tank + Aquascaping (WIP)


...and over the edge.
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Looks great! I'd also suggest a more random placement or stones/rocks.


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The issue for me is that all the small pieces are laid out to radiate from the central piece along the same plane, like rays from a sun. It looks forced. Nature isn't that precise--falling rocks will tumble and land at odd angles and directions from the mother stone.


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A dark or black background would help, as would darker substrate, but the substrate will turn "earth tone" in no time.


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I like the light color of the substrate, but do not like the white background. Can you change the background color?


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I like the light color of the substrate, but do not like the white background. Can you change the background color?
Hi ,
FreshyFresh / Tanker... the background is still not finalized, I still have to decide if I want to go with back or white or frosted background.

OrionGirl / RBishop >> Yes I observed that ... from the top view I can clearly make out it has been more are less placed like rays, I will try your suggestion & see how it goes.

There are some more changes which is yet to be incorporated ... like
- Presently I have SunSun ADS-500c LED Lights with a black top surface which am not comfortable with, I would prefer a white one.
- Secondly as some of the branches of the driftwood is above the water surface I want the LED lights way above them .. so am in the process of getting a custom-made mounting legs. Have to see how all these changes fan out.

Will keep posting the improvisations.
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One more thing I've observed is I find some small common snails in the tank ... like the one which is on this leaf. I presume it must have come from the java moss or any of the plants. I was told that it's difficult to remove these small snails from the tank & they multiply pretty fast.

Solutions which were suggested locally were ...
1) They might get washed up when the water changes are done.
2) I was suggest that I can have a few Assassin snails which can keep these common snails in check.

Any other suggestions/solutions other than the above.

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