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35 Gallon Hex Stocking?


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Hi, I am looking to get some advice on a 35 gallon hex tank I am going to be getting shortly. I am fairly new to the fish keeping world. I have done allot of research on allot of different fish. (I think I have been bit by the fish keeping bug. :)) I am hoping to do either one or two angelfish and that is it. Either a single fish or a pair. Would that be OK? Is there anything else I should add or avoid? I am going to get plants for their security, but keep space for them to swim in as well. Any advice? Thank you!

the loach

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Get live plants, but note that most commercial aquarium hoods are underpowered, and most plants that are sold require high lighting conditions. Get Java fern, African water fern, Anubias, anarcharis and other low light plants and you'll be fine. Don't use sand or gravel as a substrate but fine gravel (1 to 3mm diameter). Better for the plants and much easier to clean. Get some driftwood as well. If you have any questions don't hesitate to post... there are a lot of knowledgeable helpful folks over here.


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Welcome! A 35g hex tank is a challenge in itself given the poor footprint and tallness to the tank. It's not a good configuration for active fish that do best with a lot of footprint. space. An angel could be great for a centerpiece fish, then a group or two of small schooling/shoaling fish perhaps.

Going with plants is another challenge. Getting the right amount of light to the bottom will be a problem. A tall thin piece of driftwood with anubia and java fern attached to it could be a good start and should work with a standard fluorescent hood provided the bulb is fresh.


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Yeah, I've never had a hex tank. But you need to judge fish levels by both surface area & floor space ( it's the same!! )...but for different fish!

I'm guessing you can have 1 angel (OR maybe a true M & F pair). That will decide what other fish might work.


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Thank you so much for all your guy's help! I will defiantly look into those plants and getting a different light. It is taller than it is long. Are there another fish that would do better? I really want to do what is best for the fish! Thanks!