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58g Planted w/overflow and sump

Discussion in 'Planted Aquariums' started by myswtsins, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. fishorama

    fishorama AC Members

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    Jun 28, 2006
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    Today at 12:08 AM
    Jen, you're right about my soft water & crypt stunting.

    BUT I've seen both, especially the BN digging by it. At 1 time I thought (hoped!) it might be loach breeding pits. But I've watched Miss BN circle in the filter outflow like a roller coaster ride, down the current & up the front glass to the surface. & every 4 or 5 trips she parks on or digs near the crypt. It isn't the root tab, there are others she ignores. The loach sometimes checks out her behavior & digs there too.

    I think your c.u. is like catnip to my fish for some reason, lol.

    To authmal & Defj, if the plants aren't established with a big root system just about any fish can uproot them, especially in sand or small substrate I had a perfect little 3inch cushion of HM for a few months. Then I introduced a very small BN fry, under a cm, & within hours it was filter fodder, sniff. The stems & crypts were fine...until I moved or replanted any. It helped to place some pebbles around the plants.

    Corys & kuhlis aren't as "bad" as BNs, I think they just bumble around. BNs, IMO, like to graze on leaves or the algae or biofilm on them. Swords were sometimes scraped to lace...even when I fed veggies they would eat.

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