Am new & am interested in setting up at “Multifasciatus” or "Ocellatus gold" specific tank.

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Oct 8, 2018
Bangalore, India
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Hi Folks,
Am pretty new to this hobby, just got into this last year. As of now I have 2 tanks.
Tank 1 - Community Tank - 28 gallon long
Tank 2 - Species Specific (Betta Splenden) - 8 gallon long

Now planning to go for the 3rd tank & this too I want it to be a species-specific tank, got interested with multi’s after reading a lot of material bout them. I have quite a few questions which I think lot of hobbyist here can help me out with. With the space constraint the best I can for is a 11 gal tank (16.5” x 13” x 12”). My thought is to have

- 2 male & 4 females
- Aqua Clear 30 power filter
- Fluval pre-filter sponge
- 2 inch of aquarium sand
- 22 to 24 giant escargot shells.
- Very few plants or nothing.

I want to know if am in the right direction or not. Point out wherever I am wrong or something needs to be changes or any hobbyist have suggestions/opinions as I just want to make it right as in India, we don’t have must hobbyist who are into Multifasciatus & Ocellatus gold, getting them is quite a challenge. I have few queries mentioned below for which I would like to get some clarity on. I have discussing the same set of questions in other forums & getting a lot of insight about how it all works.

- How much water change I need to do & how frequently ?
- Is a light algae growth "OK" with the Multi's/Ocellatus ?
- How does a plant help the multifasciatus/ocellatus specific tank ?
- Is is possible/good having 24 shells are more in a 10 gallon tank where my actual floor space is only 1.48 square feet ??
- Having a rock ... how does it help in controlling the pH ?

Help/Suggestion/Opinions appreciated in advance.
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