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  1. F

    Who has large tank recommendations?

    Looking for 150 gallon large tank. My old tank was Red Sea peninsula, wanted to try a different tank. I'm planning on keeping freshwater fish, and use artificial plants so does not need to be a scaper tank. I'd actually prefer to be not a scaper tank. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  2. A

    External Filter Choice

    Hi all! I'm looking to upgrade my 120L tank with an external filter, with no idea where to start if I'm honest. I'll be looking to live plant it in the next couple of months, and currently have it stocked with a flame gourami, 3 kuhli loach, 6 guppies (all male- no breeding), and 6 panda...
  3. HugoFish

    Any one familiar with Glo Danios?

    Recently I got some Glo Danios. Does anyone have some info about this type of fish cause google is almost empty of info for this type 😅 Are they easy to breed? How to know when a female is ready to lay eggs? Guppies vs Glo Dainos, which one is better? etc....
  4. HugoFish

    How to remove infection from tank ?

    PLEASE READ TILL THE END , THNX :) Hi guys , long time no see. Dont know where to start , i got a infected fish a couple of month ago and thats where the problems began. Every month 1 of my fish die . The water parameters are JUST FINE , the level of nitrite is 0 and the nitrate is almost 0 ...
  5. HugoFish

    H2O2 has a problem!!

    BBA was getting a bit out of control so i decidet to try H2O2 for the first time in my tank.Removed all the fishes and applyed 15ml or 4 teaspoons for my 10gallon tank.The problem is that i waited 20 min and nothing happend , no bubbles nothing... Think that the problem must be the hydrogen...
  6. Joannestech92

    Epsom salt dosage?

    Can someone please help me determine how much epsom salt to put in a 2 gallon bucket for a salt dip? And how long...i felt confident until i started seeing so many different dosages. I have a bloated angelfish. Hoping to get someone who has successfully done a salt dip.
  7. HugoFish

    Destroy BBA!

    Hi guys, the BBA is destroying my tank. it is all over my plants and I don't know how to stop it. I have reduced the lighting to 8 h per day but they still keep growing. I have watched videos that they mix H2O2 with seachem , but the problem is that I live in Albania, a place where you can only...
  8. HugoFish

    [DIY] What can i use like biological filter media ?

    Hi guys i was wondering what can i use like biological filter media , for my second HOB filter because it has some free space . ONLY DIY THINGS! P.S = Don't say lava rock
  9. HugoFish

    Should i add more fish?

    Hi guys its me again ;) My tank is 11 gallon and i have 1-Shoubikin Filter -> Mechanical Filter 800L/h 2- X2 pepper cory 3- Common Pleco 4-Blue botia 5-Opaline gourami 6-Black widow tetra + plants...
  10. HugoFish

    How to grow plants fast?

    Hello guys , i have 3 types of plant in my aquarium and it has passed 1 month since i bought them and they aren't growing . They are really healthy, but I see no change at the plant and its the same size like it was 1 month ago . I have tetra substrate like gravel and i also use fertilizer...
  11. rockarolla70

    Need help to ID these shells.

    Can anyone ID these shells, they are 1x 1.5 inches.
  12. rockarolla70

    Am new & am interested in setting up at “Multifasciatus” or "Ocellatus gold" specific tank.

    Hi Folks, Am pretty new to this hobby, just got into this last year. As of now I have 2 tanks. Tank 1 - Community Tank - 28 gallon long Tank 2 - Species Specific (Betta Splenden) - 8 gallon long Now planning to go for the 3rd tank & this too I want it to be a species-specific tank, got...
  13. N

    Snail shell help

    Hello, So I have had this snail for about a year now, and their shell keeps degrading. I've tried many things to make sure that it has enough calcium but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions on what could be causing it? I've tried changing it's diet to be more calcium rich, added more calcium...
  14. S

    My pleco is turning white! In need of help.

    My pleco fish fins started getting white and then the top of his body and under his body. Im not sure if hes sick or what i should do . IS my fish dying?
  15. Joannestech92

    Will my angelfish be okay?

    I have a 90 gallon freshwater aquarium. Yesterday I noticed that one of my angels wasn't eating. She was very lethargic. This morning she had passed away. My other angel is looking for her and is flicking her feeler fins almost as if she is confused. I only had 2 of them. Will my other fish be...
  16. M

    Freshwater tank kind of cloudy white

    Hello; I have never had this issue before and cannot figure it out. It seems that it started about 2 weeks after I put a female guppy in my tank because I wanted some babies. (50 gallon tank, bottom gravel filtering, eco system) Well, the tank has had a kind of cloudy look since. I wonder if...
  17. G

    African Dwarf Frog strange issue I haven't seen before.

    Over the weekend, my mom decided to get two african dwarf frogs for her 5 gallon tank that has 3 Neon Tetras and 1 betta, as I know a lot more about aquariums and ect she has me take care of it for her. Anyway, they were doing great for 3 days until this morning, 1 died. It seemed out of nowhere...
  18. R

    125litre 4 Dwarf gouramis

    I've recently set up a new 125ltr fluval roma. I've got a large piece of driftwood in the middle, angled so theres hiding spaces, 2 rocks, some mossballs and a plastic Plant to break up sight lines. I filled the Tank And treated the water i've got a filter and a heater and the water has been...
  19. C


    Hi all, I'm sorry for the bold title but I'm in a bit of an emergency with my fish. The filter of my family's tank broke and my parents decided to install a new filter, as well as replace the majority of water in the tank to clean it (yes, I know, bad idea, but they didn't know). In reaction to...