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Angelfish, Shark and ?

Discussion in 'General Freshwater' started by Knamaky, Nov 14, 2017 at 9:23 AM.

  1. Knamaky

    Knamaky Registered Member

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    Tuesday at 3:59 PM
    Hi all. I have an 80 gallon setup with a pair of Angelfish and a rainbow shark. Was initially worried about putting those together but it's been a couple of weeks and everyone is happy. They go their separate ways and pay no attention to each other. Plenty of rocks and plants.

    With a tank this size I'd like to add more fish. Looks fairly sparse otherwise. My struggle is finding something that's both compatible with the shark which owns the bottom of the tank, and the angels which roam free everywhere else.

    Here are some I've considered but would like the groups' feedback if you have experience with these fish.

    Bloodfin tetras - There are two in there now with no problems. These are the only other fish in the tank. Considering a small school.

    More angels - The tank is a good size, but I also suspect the two in there are paired up. They seem to love each other.

    Rams - I've seen others keeping these with angels but am not sure about putting them with the shark.

    Also read that diamond tetras could work.

    What do you think?

  2. fishorama

    fishorama AC Members

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    Jun 28, 2006
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    SF Bay area, CA
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    48 minutes ago
    Well, I haven't kept bloodfins with angels but it may be easiest to add more. I like diamond tetras...but never had the right tank for them. Less bite sized than bloodfins. I might consider a BN pleco with lots of hiding places for it & the shark. Corys are a no go, my sharks always body slammed them into the substrate...corys don't get the territory thing at all but BNs & sharks do.

    Rams...well, they "get" territories, but may have issues with the shark &/or the angels. Lots of caves or plants can help with blocking lines of sight & aggression problems. But that's no guarantee, have a back up plan to rehome as needed. If you go rams, forget the BN & the other way too...rams or bn with the shark.

    Don't plan to have more than a true pair of angels (or singleton, maybe 2 females) in a 4 ft tank. They will eventually kill the others. I've tried over the years & it just doesn't work for long.

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