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  1. O

    Change Fish Food

    Hello, I have a 55-gallon tank with 3 angelfish, 2 swordtails, and 1 upsidedown catfish. Recently I changed my fish food from flakes to pellets since there were no flakes in the pet store near me. The fish are not eating the pellets. They take it in their mouth but spit it out after a few...
  2. S

    Trouble with stocking a 60 Gallon

    Hello ? I’m relatively new to fish keeping, but my fish are like my kids and I spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort caring for them. I’d like to think I know a pretty good amount about what I’m doing at this point. Now that that’s established, I recently upgraded my 30 gallon angelfish...
  3. K

    Red markings on angel fish

    Hi everyone I need your help or your thoughts about my angel fishes. My angel fishes are having some red markings where dorsal fin and pectoral fin starts and above mouth. Should I be worried about because those markings are growing as the size of fish in increasing. Hope it's just a...
  4. Joannestech92

    Epsom salt dosage?

    Can someone please help me determine how much epsom salt to put in a 2 gallon bucket for a salt dip? And how long...i felt confident until i started seeing so many different dosages. I have a bloated angelfish. Hoping to get someone who has successfully done a salt dip.
  5. Joannestech92

    Will my angelfish be okay?

    I have a 90 gallon freshwater aquarium. Yesterday I noticed that one of my angels wasn't eating. She was very lethargic. This morning she had passed away. My other angel is looking for her and is flicking her feeler fins almost as if she is confused. I only had 2 of them. Will my other fish be...
  6. FishL0ver

    20 Gallon Angelfish?

    I recently have gotten a new 20 gallon fish tank. I am going to switch my 3 guppies, 3 white cloud minnows and 4 inch goldfish into the tank. I have always had a fascination with angelfish. I was wondering if I could put just one angel in the tank with the other fish I have. Is it possible...
  7. Stefanie O'Dell

    Is this newly recycled old tank ready for Angelfish

    let me explain newly recycled old tank. I took it down about a month ago and then decided to set it back up again. I had to replace the base that was failing badly, before there was a major cave in and flood. It’s a 36 gal bow front. Led light strip. I left the substrate, black fluorite...
  8. J

    First Tank, 29 gal w/ high pH, will this be safe for an angelfish??

    I'm in the process of doing a fishless cycle on my very first tank ever. It's a 29 gal freshwater tank planted with anubias nana, java moss and a red sword (I'll also be adding a jungle val this week). I'm using all seachem products including Flourite for the substrate and prime as the...
  9. K

    Angelfish, Shark and ?

    Hi all. I have an 80 gallon setup with a pair of Angelfish and a rainbow shark. Was initially worried about putting those together but it's been a couple of weeks and everyone is happy. They go their separate ways and pay no attention to each other. Plenty of rocks and plants. With a tank this...
  10. G

    My Angelfish Setup

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to post a few pics of my tank and fry nursery. What do you guys think?
  11. V

    Too many fish for a 30 gallon tank?

    Hi! My 30 gallon tank has finished cycling, and so far I have 9 zebra danios in it. I plan on having the following fish, and I am wondering if they will be fine. 1 angelfish 2 dwarf gouramis, maybe pearl 9 zebra danio 1 or 2 bristle nose pleco(s) 4 Otocinclus or panda corys I might swap the...
  12. apastuszak

    Mixing old and new angelfish

    I have on angelfish in my 55 gallon tank. He's a standard color morph (silver with black stripes) and I have had him for probably 4 years now. Is there any issue with introducing some smaller angelfish in the tank with him? The tank also has 7 neon tetras, 2 flying foxes, and a male and...
  13. N

    New 12 gallon tank

    I recently received a 12 gallon tank as a gift. I put all the water, conditioner, bio start, filter, heater and 2 live plants in. I let it sit for about a week and a half before putting the fish in about 2 days ago. In the tank I have 2 Guppies (male and female), 3 Platy fish (2 male, 1 female)...
  14. A

    29 gallon tank stocking ideas

    Hi! So I have a 29 gallon freshwater tropical community tank that's well established and I'm looking into some compatible tank mates for the fish I already have. I own (2) angelfish, (2) flame dwarf gouramis, (1) platy, and (4) cory cats. I've been considering ram cichlids, cherry/amano shrimp...
  15. S

    FW Angelfish Dying--No Idea Why? Help!

    Hey Everyone, I was once a member here many years back, and recently restarted seriously my aquarium. My tank (planted 46 bowfront) has been up and running for close to a year and a half, and the current stocking is this: 1 large adult angel 1 small (1.5") angel 2 juli cory cats 3 assorted...
  16. L

    Mysterious deaths in Angel tank

    I have a 90 high well planted with 4 angels about 1 yr old, 5 neon 3 rams, 3 cory and algae eaters. When I started out I had 5 giant danios to cycle the tank. They did fine until one day one ended up dead with a bruise on its side. Within a week all five had been killed. No issue with the...
  17. K

    Adopted fish suggestions

    Hi all! I'm a semi-newbie. For about the past year I've had a 5 gallon tank with a betta and a bristlenose pleco (temporary to eat the algae bloom, planned to get a larger tank for the pleco). That tank has a filter and heater and is fine. I was looking for a larger tank on Craigslist and...
  18. S

    Ammonia spike

    We have a 38 gallon bowfront tank. It is fully cycled and stocked with: 2 dwarf gouramis, 4 golden barbs, 2 Cory cats, a bristlenose pleco, and 3 angelfish. I know we are on the side of being overstocker but according to aqadvisor it's at 118% so still within safe zone with water changes. we got...
  19. Oiler3535

    Adding small fish to tank with adult Angels?

    As the title says. I've got a 46G with 2 big Angels, 11 various small fish (cherry barb the biggest), a bristlenose, an African butterfly and a Betta. I recently lost some of my cherries, and would like to add some more little ones. The Angels (gold and zebra) don't bother anything in my tank...
  20. C

    Angelfish Eggs White?

    Hello everyone! I have a confirmed male and female pair of Spawning pair of Freshwater Angels. THey have laid over 10 batches but I have had luck with only 1...and even then the babies died. Day before yesterday (saturday) They laid eggs. I waited until day two (yesterday) to remove the...