Back in the hobby after taking 8 years off. Need some suggestions on Filtration.

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Oct 13, 2006

I know there are fans of both Eheim and Fluval's out there and I use to have an FX5 on 125 gallon Frontosa Moba tank and liked it, but it was a bit loud for me.

Everything I've read says the Eheim is super quiet and I'm setting up a 120 Gallon tank and thinking of Professionel4e+ . Is that the top of the line model?
What is the best Eheim I can get in the US? I've also read that many folks like the Claasic model? 2262?

Apr 2, 2002
New York
I cannot help you with the Pro 4 or Pro 3 lines because all of my 3 Pro 2s which have been running for 17, 15 and 6 years are all still ruuning fine and are as quiet as they were when first hooked up. You cannot find new Pro 2s any longer even on Ebay. Years ago I found 3 NIB and bought them all. I jkeep 2 on the shelf. One is a spare for the other 3 and the 2nd one is the larger size supposed to go onto a tank I have procrastinated for a few years on setting up.

I am older and am basically an analog person. So I am not inclined to buy basically things which have a digital component if I can avoid it. Amost everything I have or still own that is part digital and part analog almost always has the digital part break not the analog parts. My dishwasher still has a slider, a knob and push buttons and has not missed a beat since I bought it about 7 years ago. About the only digital pieces of equipment I have related to fish keeping are a three way continuous monitor for TDS/pH/Temp and a couple of hand held TDS testers.
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Feb 9, 2005
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I agree with TTA about the electronic type filters and prefer the old style Eheim filters. The 2260 if you can find a used one or the 2262 might be a good choice depending on the fish you plan to keep.


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Jan 11, 2013
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If you prefer old school designs, you see very few complaints on eheim classics, Rena/API filstars, among others..

My Sunsun 302 is running solid on all it's original seals and gaskets since 2012-13. Same with my Marineland C360.

For a 120g, you can't beat an AquaClear 110 hang on back or two if you don't mind a bit of noise.
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