Bloated female betta

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Jul 8, 2019
I’ve had this female betta for a 2 months now and the first week I got her, after feeding her I saw that she was bloated in the tummy so I didn’t feed her for two days. After that I bought her dried blood worms which she doesn’t like and the aqueon betta pellets which is her normal food now. After the starving her for those 2 days her bloating didn’t go down so I thought maybe she was just a fatty. But now I noticed she had this white thing poking out of her butt, it’s barely poking out but it’s been there for a while. I’ve looked it up and the general answer I got was bloating and to starve her for 3 days, but it’s gonna be the third day and she hasn’t gone down. I saw that people say to feed peas but I also read that peas are bad for bettas because of the sugar and to use bloodworms or another meat but she doesn’t like them. Does anyone have any idea on what I should try or maybe through the pictures if it’s something else besides bloating? Also I was wondering about her feeding routine I might be over feeding. I feed her twice a day once in the morning and at night 3 pellets each time. Thanks

P.S. the last pic is where u can see the white thing poking out.






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Oct 8, 2018
Bangalore, India
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Constipation is common in bettas, with the pic it looks like the your betta symptoms looks like it has the bloated stomach. This might be due to over feeding/eating.
- Best is to not to feed her for a day or two till the bloating subsides or if you can observe her defecate.
- Then you can adjust her diet accordingly.

Sometime there is sufficient time for treatment if they are less constipated or at time you might not have sufficient time to treat it too. I last one of my 2 year old betta male as I had a few Red Phantoms along with him and as betta's are greedy eaters I could not control him from eating the Phantom's share of food (at times). From then on I have a species specific tank.