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  1. C

    Bloated female betta

    I’ve had this female betta for a 2 months now and the first week I got her, after feeding her I saw that she was bloated in the tummy so I didn’t feed her for two days. After that I bought her dried blood worms which she doesn’t like and the aqueon betta pellets which is her normal food now...
  2. F

    Stocking a 5 gal

    Hi, I'm setting up a new 5 gallon tank, and I kinda had an idea of what to stock it with but I want to make sure it's not out of the question. I intended it to originally be for a betta, but I'd like to add some tank mates. I've read that neon tetras do well with them, but I've seen people say...
  3. S

    Delta Guppy not moving

    -10G tank, 78 degrees F -1 male Betta, 3 male tequila sunrise delta guppies, 3 male silver tip tetras -50% water change done on the 13th due to clouding water, added tbsp salt -KH 80 ppm -GH 120 ppm -pH 7.0 -Nitrate 20 ppm -Nitrite 0 ppm -Ammonia 0 One of the sunrise delta guppy’s seems very...
  4. Taylor Price

    Tank mates for my Betta

    I currently have a dumbo betta named Frank in a 5 gallon. I got a 20 gallon set up and running, it’s got driftwood with sand and live plants. I’ve got a sponge filter rated for 25 gallons in it. I know the tanks need to run for a bit so I was going to get the fish this weekend. I heard Cory...
  5. rockarolla70

    Help/Suggestions needed - Setting up a new Betta splendens tank

    Hi All, Need help from the experts here. I am trying to bring up 8 gallon tank for my existing single Betta splenden, the specs are as given below. I would like some suggestions on heaters, thermometer & lighting which are good enough for this below setup. Tank Size: 18 inch (Length) x 9 inch...
  6. T

    Betta Feeding Question

    Hi there. New to group and have a few things I need to learn from you guys about in different areas of the forum. For one though, I have a male veiltail in a 10 gallon tank along with a dwarf sucker, panda catfish, and an amano shrimp (hoping to get more shrimp soon). I've had all in the tank...
  7. H

    Betta has a fleshy looking spot on head and one swollen gill with white on it?

    A Betta I got about a week or two ago has a spot on his head and it's kind of red and it looks like maybe his scales fell off somehow. Also his left gill somewhat sticks out a bit more than his right and has some white on the edge. I'm pretty sure he was like this when I got him too. I'm...
  8. S

    Betta is Listless, Lying on Bottom of Tank, Ignores Food

    About two years ago, I was gifted a male betta by a student. The betta hadn't been very well cared for, but I got him into a 5-gal tank with a filter and heater. He has snail buddies, a plant, and some assorted decorations. He had been very active and playful, and seemed overall in good health...
  9. M

    Betta fish

    How many Betta fish can a 55-gallon tank house?
  10. P

    Help i think my beta has fin rot or amonia burn

    hello i just started my tank 3 days ago and i got a fish right away ,my betta fish has translucent fins with dark edges. But hes active and eating, ive been doing 25% water changes everyday is that ok? What should i do? Heres a pic of him
  11. F

    Help! I think my Betta has velvet.

    Hello, I have a crowntail betta. Ive had him for almost a month now. Hes usually very active and a bit of an eater. I have been away for a few days (my brother fed him while i was away). i noticed he stayed at the bottom of the tank a lot today which isnt his norm. Hes normally a happy little...
  12. Spesh1969

    What kind of algae is this?

    I have a very new 5 gallon set up. I was able to get some filter media from a friends cycled tank and things are looking good from a cycling perspective. I'm at 0 for ammonia and nitrite and 5ppm for nitrate. I did a small water change yesterday and will test again today. I recently noticed...
  13. S

    Sex of betta fry?

    Hello all, Newbie here. Hoping I am posting in the right forum... I purchased a betta fry from Petco 2 weeks ago and it is currently in a heated 1-gallon tank (he/she will be moved into a 2.5 gallon within the next two weeks). I have never owned a betta fry so I am excited to find out its sex...
  14. H

    Betta Fish Death Diagnostic

    Betta Fish Death Hello, I would love some information on what the cause of my betta dying may have been. I had owned him for 3.5 years. and he was at least a year old when I bought him. I had him in a 15 gallon, filtered, heated tank. I exchanged about 24 cups of treated tap water a month...
  15. M

    what is wrong with my crowntail betta?

    I work at a pet store but cant tell what this is one of the people I work with says it looks like he scrapped his body on something and another said it looked like an ulcer not sure what to do worried just did water change. added aquarium salt cause I thought it was fin rot. he mostly stays in...
  16. S

    Missing Betta

    It's been about 8 years since I last posted... But I am curious.. I recently bought a crown-fin betta for my son about a month ago and last night I couldn't find him. Today he's still not there. I did a partial water change and pulled out the decorations. His body isnt anywhere in the tank or...
  17. PhaiFan

    Why are my bettas dying??

    Hello everyone I have lost several betta fish for reasons I can't identify. I am not a newbie. I've had various types of fish and aquariums for most of my life. Some of my bettas have lived well over a year, but I seem to be losing some after only a few months. All of them are kept in 1.5...
  18. FishyWarrior

    Cloudy tank won't clear up

    I've had a 5 gallon betta tank for a little over a month now and the water got super cloudy suddenly and just won't clear up. When i first started up the tank i had the same cloudiness that i expected from first putting water in, but all that cleared up in about a day or two. The cycle was...
  19. T

    Betta with guppies and ADFs... biting?

    Hello! I'm new here. I made a profile to ask a question. I have a betta in a 10G tank with 2 ADFS and a couple feeder guppies (nothing special... given to me by my science teacher bc her tank was getting crowded). My betta is extremely active and a very healthy looking boy except his...
  20. Xabbusan

    What kind of betta is this?

    Can someone tell me what type of betta this is? I looked at a few identification guides, but I am not sure. Is he just a Plakat? His tail doesn't seem as rounded, but he is also not that old, just got him a couple of weeks ago. I almost thought it was female but the store said it was male...