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  1. A

    Sexing Baby Betta Fish

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I'm looking for opinions on the gender of this baby betta I bought. It's about an inch long right now. I see no egg spot and it's been displaying typical "male" behaviors (flaring, building bubble nests, etc.) but I know that females can do that too. I'd love to hear...
  2. Vincenia

    7.5 gallon betta tank

    I’m starting to love the shape of cube tanks thanks to my 14 gallon rimless cube. Saw that aqueon had a 7.5 gallon shrimp tank and that would make a good betta tank with some amano shrimp or cherry shrimp(if the betta doesn’t eat them). Debating on either a wild type, wild hybrid or a dragon plakat.
  3. PurpleGem

    How long do I keep my betta in the hospital container after treatment?

    I treated my betta with Blue Planet's tri sulfa and although during treatment it seemed to get worse, after the treatment finished the symptoms have nearly disappeared. How much longer should I keep him separated? He shares the main tank with some endlers, the lady who was instructing me on...
  4. PurpleGem

    Small yellow spots, please help ID

    Hi all, I've posted before about my betta having this strange grey coating around his gills. I've seen these small flecks before , there were only one or two but today I noticed a lot more of them around his left gill, the patch on his left side and in his right nostril. They aren't white, more...
  5. A

    New to planted tanks — substrate suggestions/opinions?

    Hey! I am a newbie to planted tanks but recently I’ve been researching some low tech plants to include in my aquarium. I currently have two plants and am using the Seachem Flourite brown natural substrate. My question is: is this an okay option? My plants so far haven’t seemed to stay in the...
  6. hickory_smoke

    Help! Mysterious Spot on Betta's Head?

    Hello everyone! First-time fish keeper, I've had my aquarium for about two weeks now! I have a beautiful male black orchid super delta betta fish, two African dwarf frogs, and three blue mystery snails! I have them all in a 9 gallon Fluval Flex aquarium with all live plants. All seem to be doing...
  7. F

    Betta Fish Ripping Tail?!?!

    Hi- I’ve had my betta for a bit longer than a month now and recently, he’s been tearing his tail (...a lot). He never did this before, and I first started noticing the tears about a week ago. I removed anything that I thought could be causing it (driftwood, big stone), yet he’s still tearing...
  8. F


    Hi! I’m a new betta fish owner and my betta is acting off. I got him a little over a week ago, and since I put him in the tank, he’s been gliding along the glass and staying at the top of the water. I checked and there is 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates, and the ph is about 7.4. I also have a...
  9. L

    ISO Metaframe Betta Tank

    I know this is a long shot but I’m looking for this specific tank. Would like for the glass to be intact.
  10. Sprinkle

    Betta with lose of activity level and molly fry with not ICH

    Hi all! I've noticed that my betta has lost some of his activity level. He lays on bottom without slightest movement. My temp is fine I suppose, but I will make it a bit higher and remove some of the water as it seems that the current heater I have is unstable, doesn't heat from time to time...
  11. B

    Is my betta fish sick/dying or getting old or sleeping

    I have a Siamese fighting fish (Betta) for about a yearand about a month ago he started laying on the bottom of the tank. I have a 20L tank, heater, filter, thermometer, hiding spotsplastic plants. He used to be very active and only rested at night. He used to eat all the food I put in and...
  12. L

    Red spots on Betta?

    Hi, I set up a small aquarium for a black orchid betta male about a week or two ago, and I’ve noticed he has these little red looking spots on his head that have spread. They almost look like ulcers or like his scales are missing? He is overall pretty active and is eating fine. The tank is 3.5...
  13. A

    Green neon tetras disappear in the night.

    I recently bought 12 half inch or so green neon tetras. They swam around fine throughout the day.. but when I turn the lights out for the night and come back the next morning. Some of them disappeared. It’s been happening every night, same routine, now I’m down to just one left. I can’t seem to...
  14. C

    Bloated female betta

    I’ve had this female betta for a 2 months now and the first week I got her, after feeding her I saw that she was bloated in the tummy so I didn’t feed her for two days. After that I bought her dried blood worms which she doesn’t like and the aqueon betta pellets which is her normal food now...
  15. F

    Stocking a 5 gal

    Hi, I'm setting up a new 5 gallon tank, and I kinda had an idea of what to stock it with but I want to make sure it's not out of the question. I intended it to originally be for a betta, but I'd like to add some tank mates. I've read that neon tetras do well with them, but I've seen people say...
  16. S

    Delta Guppy not moving

    -10G tank, 78 degrees F -1 male Betta, 3 male tequila sunrise delta guppies, 3 male silver tip tetras -50% water change done on the 13th due to clouding water, added tbsp salt -KH 80 ppm -GH 120 ppm -pH 7.0 -Nitrate 20 ppm -Nitrite 0 ppm -Ammonia 0 One of the sunrise delta guppy’s seems very...
  17. Taylor Price

    Tank mates for my Betta

    I currently have a dumbo betta named Frank in a 5 gallon. I got a 20 gallon set up and running, it’s got driftwood with sand and live plants. I’ve got a sponge filter rated for 25 gallons in it. I know the tanks need to run for a bit so I was going to get the fish this weekend. I heard Cory...
  18. rockarolla70

    Help/Suggestions needed - Setting up a new Betta splendens tank

    Hi All, Need help from the experts here. I am trying to bring up 8 gallon tank for my existing single Betta splenden, the specs are as given below. I would like some suggestions on heaters, thermometer & lighting which are good enough for this below setup. Tank Size: 18 inch (Length) x 9 inch...
  19. T

    Betta Feeding Question

    Hi there. New to group and have a few things I need to learn from you guys about in different areas of the forum. For one though, I have a male veiltail in a 10 gallon tank along with a dwarf sucker, panda catfish, and an amano shrimp (hoping to get more shrimp soon). I've had all in the tank...
  20. H

    Betta has a fleshy looking spot on head and one swollen gill with white on it?

    A Betta I got about a week or two ago has a spot on his head and it's kind of red and it looks like maybe his scales fell off somehow. Also his left gill somewhat sticks out a bit more than his right and has some white on the edge. I'm pretty sure he was like this when I got him too. I'm...