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Breathed new life in my old 180 gallon


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Ok so first off my 180 was left empty for 7 years when I moved I resealed it a couple of months ago built a new diy multi bucket sump system to run off the overflow I have and added 2 marineland 350 biowheel hob for extra measure for the reticulated teacup stingray iam eventually get from my friend

So the tank has had water in it for 2 months now and and just added 15 mixed Barb's and a bristlenose pleco 2 weeks ago to help with getting the biofilters going I have a sand substrate the same play sand I've used in my tanks in the past but have developed a problem I've never dealt with in my sand this past week algae is growing in it and I don't think that is going to be good for the stingray never dealt with algae in my sand before. My lights are a low light led bar and then there is also another higher light led on there that puts out 4500 lumens Soo last night I stopped using the high light led and am only using the low light one
Any suggestions would be helpful

Can get water test read outs posted later if needed
Also the barbs and pleco are all healthy and active


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Could be a diatom breakout which isn't uncommon for a new setup. I'd reduce lights on time, feed less and up your water change frequency and amount changed. Test frequently, make sure you're not seeing ammonia.


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Yeah I did test my water the readings were

soon differently need to get the pH down I went lfs and picked up some seachem pH reducer
And gona do another water change tomorrow night along with stirring up the sand should I just take out the portions of sand that are greened up bad


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Yeah my tablet cam sucs but got some pics of the two really with the Bright green spots but the pics don't show the dull green through the sand also the anubs plant is only temporary till my bro picks it up not really wanting a big plant in the center of the tank but it was a present from Nana lolIMG_20190103_161202.jpg IMG_20190103_161154.jpg IMG_20190103_161202.jpg IMG_20190103_161154.jpg


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Try getting a fish that will burrow in there. I have sand in my tank, and I have 2 corydoras catfish, which help stir the surface of the sand, a pleco, which does the same, and I’m getting 2 golden dojo loaches tomorrow. The loaches will help with stirring the deeper parts of the sand. I’m super psyched to go pick them up. You should definitely look into loaches though.