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  1. Z

    arowana is not eating food for 4 days

    My aro was healthy and was eating his food regularly but he suddenly stopped eating 4 days ago and he sometimes stay's still for a long period of time without moving at the top of the tank (he occasionally moves but not as much as he used to before he stopped eating), and also I found this in...
  2. L

    Identification issues. Snowball pleco?

    I got this guy for free from a Meijer because he’s bloated and his head was stuck in a snail shell. He was given to me with the label “Plecostomus Medium”. I can’t tell if he’s a hybrid or what. To me he looks most like a Snowball or I guess maybe a Bristlenose but he doesn’t have -nose-...
  3. J

    C02 Injection

    Hello, New to Planted Aquarium 1st time injecting C02 - I have ran it for the first day today. Noticed I am overdosing on C02 which i dont want to harm my fish My KH is at 2 drops of API KH Solution and my PH is 6.6 However the solution in my C02 Indicator is yellow. I dosed 1 drop per...
  4. B

    Limnophila Sessiflora help needed!

    Hello! I have a problem with my Limnophila Sessiflora in one of my tanks. I have three different tanks, all of which have this plant in it. All of the tanks are low tech, I am dosing LiquiCarbo, and Aqulife TF Macro daily, and Aqualife TF Planter weekly according to the instructions on the...
  5. B

    Is Peaches Pregnant?

    hey guys im a new member that just joined and its great to be here. as the title suggests im here to see if you guys could help determine if peaches is pregnant. my sister noticed an orangey gravid spot on her but that could just be her colour. ill attach a pic
  6. Ijustlikefish

    Red crystal shrimp ph

    I love RCS they have always been my favorite invert, I would like to know if I can successfully keep them in a ph of 7.8 to 8.0?
  7. Stormyrose786

    Tetra with shimmies?

    I keep reading shimmies is common in mollies & guppies. I have mollies, guppies, tetras, & bottom feeders. The other night, I noticed one tetra looked like it was dancing, but it also didn't look right, & didn't stop...hasn't stopped. I knew my tank had high nitrates, but I had already gotten...
  8. B

    Urgent advice!!!

    I have had my 2 betta fish in separate 2 gallon tanks for roughly a year. With knowing that is not a good living environment i purchased a 10 gallon tank with a divider. I set it up with a heater, filter, and accessories. I then filled it up with water and conditioner then let it ran for roughly...
  9. E

    what size tank best for gourami , tetras , and pleco ?

    i’ve never really had fish before other than a couple bettas so i’m very new to this lmao i want to get one gourami , ten - twelve tetras and a clown pleco ,, but i’m not sure what size tank would be best to keep them happy like is a twenty gallon too small ? please help lmao thank you
  10. E

    what size tank would be best ??

    i’ve never really had fish before other than a couple bettas so i’m very new to this lmao i want to get one gourami , ten - twelve tetras and a clown pleco ,, but i’m not sure what size tank would be best to keep them happy like is a twenty gallon too small ? please help lmao thank you
  11. PurpleGem

    How long do I keep my betta in the hospital container after treatment?

    I treated my betta with Blue Planet's tri sulfa and although during treatment it seemed to get worse, after the treatment finished the symptoms have nearly disappeared. How much longer should I keep him separated? He shares the main tank with some endlers, the lady who was instructing me on...
  12. Z

    False ammonia readings caused by something leaching from my sand substrate.

    The long and skinny of my issue is that I have something leaching from the sand I use as my substrate that is causing an alarmingly high false reading using a salicylate based ammonia test kit (API specifically, but any test using this chemistry will most likely provide the same results). I...
  13. R

    Hardy mid to high light plants

    So I’ve done some research and I can only ever find low light plants for beginners. I have bright LED lights on for 8-9 hr a day (which I’ve elevated to reduce intensity) and it still completely destroys my java fern, Anubias and anacharis. (There’s literally just a rhizome leftover from one of...
  14. S

    Goldfish constantly keeps mouth open

    My goldfish swims around everywhere with his mouth wide open. It started happening about a day ago. He can still eats and swims fine, but sometimes he isolates himself from the other goldfish in the tank. I attached a photo of what he looks like and there seems to be some kind of substance in...
  15. G

    Golden Claw Crab Dead? PLEASE HELP ASAP

    Hello! I’m so sorry to be urgent, but I posted a post and I put it in the wrong section so that’s why I’m assuming no one replied. My pet golden claw crab has started to molt a few days ago, and he was attacked by the other crabs in the tank. I knew the drill of molting crabs because my other...
  16. B

    Is my betta fish sick/dying or getting old or sleeping

    I have a Siamese fighting fish (Betta) for about a yearand about a month ago he started laying on the bottom of the tank. I have a 20L tank, heater, filter, thermometer, hiding spotsplastic plants. He used to be very active and only rested at night. He used to eat all the food I put in and...
  17. D

    Angelfish with mouth stuck closed?

    Sorry if this isn't where I should post this (im new). As the title states as I recently discovered my angelfish as the only one in my 40gal has its mouth stuck closed. When I try to feed it the fish actively goes for the food but can't open its mouth. I should also mention that I have on rare...
  18. M

    I need help with my bluegill pond

    I wanted to make a pond outside my house and I bought a pump and a declorinator for the water that day I fished for 2 small bluegills and put them in the pond. the next morning the smallest one died and the bigger one is staying in one spot and won’t eat I put a worm in there and little bread...
  19. B

    PLEASE HELP my arowana acting very strange

    My silver arowana i got about a week ago is acting very strange.. he is sitting at the surface of the water curled up, yesterday he was just swimming at the surface now he isn't swimming much at all ive done a couple water changes but it didnt help, ph is 7.0 gh is about 30 kh is about 70-80...
  20. B

    Breathed new life in my old 180 gallon

    Ok so first off my 180 was left empty for 7 years when I moved I resealed it a couple of months ago built a new diy multi bucket sump system to run off the overflow I have and added 2 marineland 350 biowheel hob for extra measure for the reticulated teacup stingray iam eventually get from my...